Steel construction

For components up to 14 meters in length and 10 tons in weight.
Our machinery enables us to implement your projects in-house - on schedule, quality-assured and environmentally friendly.
We process black steel and more than 1,000 tons of stainless chrome-nickel steel every year.

Steel construction expertise

We offer you expertise in all aspects of steel construction, from the production of small parts to large-scale projects.

Our experienced team serves customers all over the world from a wide range of industries, from forestry and the paper industry to the hygiene sector. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and has been for more than 100 years.

High competence and years of experience

We have high competence and many years of experience in the field of contract manufacturing of stainless steel products and provide expert consultation for cost-efficient manufacturing options.


Our sophisticated engineering forms the basis for implementing your projects on time, economically and to a high standard of quality. Our in-house design department uses the latest CAD software to create and adapt 2D and 3D drawings according to your requirements.


We manufacture components and parts with maximum precision on our plasma and laser cutting systems. Whether wafer-thin or up to 60 millimetres thick.

Forming / bending

Our modern CNC press brakes can bend metal sheets up to 7,000 mm in length with up to 800 tons of press force, even in the most geometrically demanding shapes.


We have our own in-house welding technology and carry out MAG and TIG welding professionally with our EN ISO 9606-1 qualified personnel.

We handle the complete production of welded structures up to a length of 14 meters and a weight of 10 tons according to the parameters you specify.

Mechanical machining

In our mechanical machining center, we process component dimensions from just a few millimeters to components for welding groups with a length of 14 meters with the highest degree of precision.

We have in-house production methods such as:

  • Long machining
  • Turning
  • Milling
  • Turn-milling

Surface treatment

We use a modern glass bead blasting system to remove production residues and impurities from workpieces. This enables us to process components up to 10 meters long and weighing up to 10 tons.

Painting is also part of our range of services. We can reliably protect components up to 8.5 meters in length from environmental influences and corrosion.


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